ACLs, one zone two times on one host

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Wed Jan 29 17:25:07 UTC 2003

Helmut Schneider <jumper99 at> wrote:
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>> Read about the 'view' statement where you can create several 
>> different vies depending on query-source.

> Close but not exactly what I want. "view" still needs two zones to be 
> updated if a new computer joins the domain. What I'd like to do is to 
> update my internal zone and transfer that to my public DNS where I can 
> set some records to be hidden from public. But this seems quite 
> impossible right now, hm?! :)

Both with views and separate servers you need to cross-pollinate those
resources that shoudl be visible in both views.

One way might be to have a third file as "original", using tags ( INSIDE / OUT ) 
and have a small script generate both views from this input.

The sites I have seen however seems to have a fairly constant and small
"common populations" any changes usually only affects one view.

Thus after initial setup, it's no fuzz.

> But still much better than MS-DNS... :)

> Thanks again, Helmut

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