Bind-9.2.2rc1 Trouble with install files!

Tasha Smith natasha3641 at
Wed Jan 29 08:43:07 UTC 2003

This is my first attempt configuring a DNS server under linux sooooo :)... I
tryed to install BIND-9.2.2rc1 on my RedHat 7.3 machine. Im using RedHat 7.3
Bible as a refernece and the MAN pages.
Sooo i installed it by
make install 
and also tryed:
Configure the software: 
./configure --prefix=/usr \ 
--sysconfdir=/etc \ 
--enable-threads \ 
--localstatedir=/var/state \ 
--with-libtool \ 
make install

BUT the files named.conf and /var/named dont get created in the directories the
only named.conf file that i find is in /bind-9.2.2rc1/bin/tests/. Wondering if
someone can help me out a lil for a better start :) See what i have is 1 linux
machine acting as my gateway/firewall and 2 winodws machines behind it, but
right now the windows machines are configured soo the default DNS servers point
to my ISP DNS server but i want to have the linux machine act as a DNS server
for the windows machines. Soo Can someone gimme a lil' hand. ----The RedHat 7.3
bible books examples are a little too brief.---- 
Thanks guys!    

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