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Wed Jan 29 17:33:45 UTC 2003

Alan Chia <alanchia03 at> wrote:

> hi all, i am using bind 9.2.1 and i want to setup a caching only name 
> server. I got named.conf and db.cache and when i start the server by 
> entering the named command, this is the error given

> none 0: open :/usr/local/etc/rndc.key file not found

Then create according to the documentation.

> couldn't open pid file 'usr/local/var/run/': no such files or 
> directory

I guess that "named" runs as non-root. Then make shure this user
may create i 'pidfile', the path you gave is not optimal,
either rebuild bind with ""--localstatedir" to set the default parent directory
of "run/". " ( quoting README ) or add an options
statement : pid-file path_name; in named.conf

> thanks,
> alan

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