No authority for serving glue records.

Pawel Rogocz pawel at
Wed Jan 29 18:52:09 UTC 2003

I have a qustion about bind behavior when it encounters glue records
outside of authority of the currently queried server.
Let's say I am trying to resolve
so at some point I am talking to one of the authoritative servers
for .com, as I follow  the delegation from root servers:


;; AUTHORITY SECTION:               172800  IN      NS               172800  IN      NS               172800  IN      NS      NS3.TIMEINC.NET.               172800  IN      NS      NS4.TIMEINC.NET.

;; ADDITIONAL SECTION:      172800  IN      A     172800  IN      A
NS3.TIMEINC.NET.        172800  IN      A
NS4.TIMEINC.NET.        172800  IN      A

so the server gives me four glue records, but it has no authority for
two of them at they are outside .com.

What the next step is going to be ?
Putting the original query on hold and try to resolve names from .net,
or it will go ahead and try to use one of the two "good ones" possibly
ignoring the other two ? What if the servers in .com are not reachable,
will ever try to use the .net servers ?


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