No authority for serving glue records.

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Wed Jan 29 19:10:14 UTC 2003

Pawel Rogocz wrote:

>I have a qustion about bind behavior when it encounters glue records
>outside of authority of the currently queried server.
>Let's say I am trying to resolve
>so at some point I am talking to one of the authoritative servers
>for .com, as I follow  the delegation from root servers:
>               172800  IN      NS
>               172800  IN      NS
>               172800  IN      NS      NS3.TIMEINC.NET.
>               172800  IN      NS      NS4.TIMEINC.NET.
>      172800  IN      A
>     172800  IN      A
>NS3.TIMEINC.NET.        172800  IN      A
>NS4.TIMEINC.NET.        172800  IN      A
>so the server gives me four glue records, but it has no authority for
>two of them at they are outside .com.
>What the next step is going to be ?
>Putting the original query on hold and try to resolve names from .net,
>or it will go ahead and try to use one of the two "good ones" possibly
>ignoring the other two ? What if the servers in .com are not reachable,
>will ever try to use the .net servers ?
It'll use whatever glue it gets without discriminating by TLD. If it 
encounters better, more "credible" information about the relevant names, 
it'll overwrite whatever glue records it may have cached.

                                        - Kevin

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