having my master nameserver resolve another zone...

Kevin Darcy kcd at daimlerchrysler.com
Wed Jan 29 21:19:24 UTC 2003

Christopher L. Barnard wrote:

>I must be missing something here, but I do not see what.
>I am trying to add the new zone "corp.cbot.com" under the existing cbot.com.
>Because of some other requirements, this server is actually "cbott.com"
>(note the extra t).  cbott.com has been registered with Internic, so that
>should not be an issue.  I suppose it does not matter actually, since it
>is internal-only...
>What I am trying to do is have a machine "foobar.cbott.com" resolve as
>"foobar.corp.cbot.com", thus masking the fact that it is really in the
>cbott.com zone.  I am trying to fight one forest fire at a time, so I
>want to resolve just "foobar.cbott.com" first.  Then I'll tackle having it
>resolve as foobar.corp.cbot.com.  I have put in the master forward dns
>table the glue records
>cbott.com.      IN      NS      cbottad1.cbott.com.
>cbott.com.      IN      NS      cbottad2.cbott.com.
>and the corresponding A records for their IP.
>cbottad1.cbott.com.             IN A
>cbottad2.cbott.com.             IN A
It's not clear to me what you mean by "master forward dns table". You 
should be putting these records in the cbott.com zone. Unless you intend 
to define a cbott.com zone explicitly on *all* relevant nameservers, you 
should also be adding these same records as glue to the parent zone 
("com" or root).

                                - Kevin

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