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> >As I understand it, "the rule" is that a nameserver is supposed to 
> >be authoritative for its own PTR record, irrespective of whether 
> >the corresponding zone is delegated to it or not.  I don't recall 
> >exactly where I read this "rule", but it was given without 
> >explanation.  Is the only reason to do this to make nslookup happy?  
> >If so, what's the history behind this seeming chicken-and-egg case 
> >(the rule only exists for compatibility with a tool that checks for 
> >compliance with the rule...)

	Back when nslookup used inverse queries (not reverse queries
	like it does today) the changes that a nameserver not being
	able to answer that question was negligable provided it
	implemented IQUERY.

	The IQUERY was replaced with a reverse QUERY but the test

	The answers to inverse queries were built up by the server
	when it loaded zones and when it cached answers.

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