hosts files not being created...

Mark_Andrews at Mark_Andrews at
Fri Jan 31 05:04:38 UTC 2003

> I am trying to setup Bind 9.2.1 as a secondary dns server (fresh install of
> bind)
> When I create the secondary zone it says the file has been saved as
> "/var/named/",
> but /var/named doesn't contain that file, It does however have a bunch
> db-XXxxxxx files.
> Is this a "feature" or am I missing something?
> -Brett

	Why are you creating a secondary zone file?  That is named's

	What you are seeing is named complaining about the zone
	file you created and it moves it sideways.  It reports that
	it is doing this so there is some link between the existing
	file name and the name that it makes up so that it can be
	analysed.  It will also move any journal that exist.


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