ping problems with BIND9

Mike Branda mike at
Wed Dec 1 18:14:54 UTC 2004

O.K. here goes.  after muddling around for a bit now I am out of ideas
as to why this isn't working.  I have set up an internal only domain
"my.fakedomain.local" and am having a minor issue.  I can use dig from
the dns server to any machine listed in the zone and get the proper
answer and can do the same from any client machine as well as reverse
lookups.  The caching from external web servers works also.  What I am
having an issue with is that I can ping by IP and hostname for the local
network machines from the dns box itself but pings only work by IP from
the clients.  Again, dig works on both dns and clients for local machine
name lookups.  Any ideas why I can't ping hostnames from clients??



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