SPF. reverse lookups. It's the "How many half-baked ideas can we fit into a single thread?" contest, again.

Jonathan de Boyne Pollard J.deBoynePollard at Tesco.NET
Wed Dec 1 12:42:33 UTC 2004

L> What am I missing?

You are missing years of discussion where it has been pointed out, time 
and again, that reverse lookups aren't a security or a validation 
mechanism, that reverse lookup relies upon attacker-supplied data, that 
reverse lookups are not the inverses of forward lookups, and that 
SMTP-based Internet mail is a store-and-forward system where any 
particular SMTP Relay client is not necessarily the actual origin of a 


SPF and reverse lookup validation have been discussed in a lot of fora 
many times over a long time, and eventually most reasonable and 
intelligent people reach the same conclusions.  Google is your friend.  
Search and read.

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