nss_lwres and lwresd problem

Uwe Gansert ug at suse.de
Wed Dec 1 14:30:18 UTC 2004


I'm not able to make nss_lwres and lwresd work together.
I've installed bind 9.3.0 and nss_lwres 0.93 on an i586 system. In=20
my /etc/nsswitch.conf I have=20
hosts:  files lwres dns
but if I trigger to resolve a hostname (via ping for example), the lwresd=20
(trace 99) logs:

socket 0x80cfa08: dispatch_recv:  event 0x80d1380 -> task 0x80cfe48
socket 0x80cfa08: internal_recv: task 0x80cfe48 got event 0x80cfa5c
socket 0x80cfa08 packet received correctly
socket 0x80cfa08: processing cmsg 0x80cfaf8
client UDP request
client error
client send
client sendto
client senddone
client next
client endrequest
client @0x80cfbd0: udprecv
socket 0x80cfa08: socket_recv: event 0x80d1380 -> task 0x80cfe48
sockmgr 0x809c960: watcher got message -3
sockmgr 0x809c960: watcher got message -2

the hostname lookup failed and the "error" line looks suspicious to me.
Any ideas whats going wrong here?

ciao, Uwe Gansert

Uwe Gansert, Server Technologies Team
SUSE LINUX Products GmbH, Maxfeldstrasse 5, D-90409 N=FCrnberg, Germany
e-mail: uwe.gansert at suse.de, Tel: +49-(0)911-74053-0,
=46ax: +49-(0)911-74053-476, Web: http://www.suse.de     =20

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