nss_lwres and lwresd problem

Uwe Gansert ug at suse.de
Thu Dec 9 12:58:56 UTC 2004

On Wednesday 01 December 2004 15:30, Uwe Gansert wrote:

> I'm not able to make nss_lwres and lwresd work together.
> I've installed bind 9.3.0 and nss_lwres 0.93 on an i586 system. In=3D20
> my /etc/nsswitch.conf I have=3D20
> hosts:  files lwres dns

BTW, in the meantime I found out that it helps to delete the /etc/lwresd.co=
file. I did not manage to configure a working version of /etc/lwresd.conf b=
it seems to work with the built in defaults.
Is there some kind of magic in that file? Mine looked like this:

options {
     pid-file "/var/run/named/lwres.pid";
     allow-query { any; };
     allow-recursion { any; };
     listen-on port 921 {; };

logging {
    channel default_debug {
        file "/var/run/named/named.run";
        severity dynamic;
    category default {default_syslog; default_debug; };

and starting lwresd shows no problems in the log file and it's listening on=
953 and 921.

ciao, Uwe Gansert

Uwe Gansert, Server Technologies Team
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e-mail: uwe.gansert at suse.de, Tel: +49-(0)911-74053-0,
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