ping problems with BIND9

Mike Branda mike at
Wed Dec 1 19:38:58 UTC 2004


here's what's in nsswitch.conf.  it already had dns in the hosts and
networks lines.  What's strange is that if I remove the nameserver from
resolv.conf, when I do "ping machinename" it immediately returns "ping:
unknown host machinename". But when the nameserver is there, it takes
about 15 seconds to return the same message.  


On Wed, 2004-12-01 at 13:56, Kerry Thompson wrote:
> Mike
> Some information on what the client OS is would help.
> (taking a punt that they are *nix) It sounds like the clients have
> /etc/resolv.conf configured, but /etc/nsswitch.conf hasn't got "dns"
> configured for hosts lookups. A key difference between dig/host and
> vanilla commands ( ping, telnet ) are that dig goes straight to
> resolv.conf to find DNS servers, whereas ping uses normal libraries to
> read nsswitch.conf then oges to resolv.conf
> Kerry
> Mike Branda said:
> > O.K. here goes.  after muddling around for a bit now I am out of ideas
> > as to why this isn't working.  I have set up an internal only domain
> > "my.fakedomain.local" and am having a minor issue.  I can use dig from
> > the dns server to any machine listed in the zone and get the proper
> > answer and can do the same from any client machine as well as reverse
> > lookups.  The caching from external web servers works also.  What I am
> > having an issue with is that I can ping by IP and hostname for the local
> > network machines from the dns box itself but pings only work by IP from
> > the clients.  Again, dig works on both dns and clients for local machine
> > name lookups.  Any ideas why I can't ping hostnames from clients??
> >
> > Thanks.
> >
> > Mike

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