ping problems with BIND9

Mike Branda mike at
Wed Dec 1 19:22:47 UTC 2004

On Wed, 2004-12-01 at 13:56, Kerry Thompson wrote:
> Mike
> Some information on what the client OS is would help.

Sorry.....isn't everyone in the world using linux??  ;^)  both the test
client and server are SuSE Linux.  Although once testing is done there
will also be Apple G5's and XP clients.

> (taking a punt that they are *nix) It sounds like the clients have
> /etc/resolv.conf configured

Indeed the name server has been added there.

> , but /etc/nsswitch.conf hasn't got "dns"
> configured for hosts lookups. A key difference between dig/host and
> vanilla commands ( ping, telnet ) are that dig goes straight to
> resolv.conf to find DNS servers, whereas ping uses normal libraries to
> read nsswitch.conf then oges to resolv.conf

I wasn't aware of the nsswitch file.  I'll read up it and check back
later.  do you know how this is handled then in Windows and Mac??

Thanks again for the help!!


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