PTR Configuration Question

Yann Debonne bind9-users at
Thu Dec 2 17:01:10 UTC 2004


--On Wednesday, December 1, 2004 9:25 AM +0100 Stephane Bortzmeyer 
<bortzmeyer at> wrote:

>> I just had my ISP ( delegate authority to me for reverse
>> DNS  entries for my DNS servers.  I kept getting errors when trying to do
>> a  reverse lookup for my IP address ( and I noticed in my
>> logs  that the inquires have an extra number (80):
>> queries: info: client query:
>> So, in my PTR record on my DNS server, I added the 2nd line:
>>      IN      PTR
>>   IN      PTR
>> And now all reverse lookups work correctly!  So, what is that "80"
>> digit,  and how did it enter the picture?!

> It comes from the upper zone (probably your ISP).
> ~ % dig +short NS
> ~ % dig +short -x
>    ^^
>    They've apparently read RFC 2317 "Classless IN-ADDR.ARPA
>    delegation" in a very creative and unusual way.

Thanks for the response.  I just read your noted RFC and I don't really 
understand how they came up with this, but I'm curious if this is something 
worth me pursuing with them?  Is this "extra" lookup sloppy?  Or can I just 
leave it alone and move on?  :)



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