Nima Reid dbrowne at
Fri Dec 10 14:14:51 UTC 2004

Thanks for the help.  I changed the serial number in the zone data file 
and also in the db.ADDR where I had previously changed the ip address for 
the zone in question but still after rndc reload, the nslookup still has 
the old ip address.  How long does it take for the name server to 
recognize the change?


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Change the serial number in the zone file to be 2004120901 and run rndc
reload again. The serial number needs to be increased every time you make
a change. The format that your site is using is YYYYMMDDnn where nn is
just a sequential number.

Its a common newbie mistake.


Kerry Thompson
IT Security Consultant

Nima Reid said:
> I have bind8 running on solaris 8 and i needed to update the ip address
for one of the zone files but for some reason after i changed the ip
address and ran rndc reload the old ip address is still showing up.  I
changed the TTL from 1 day to 3 minutes but still no luck.  Below is the
zone data file.  Please help if you can.
> $TTL 180        ; 3 minutes
>            IN SOA (
>                                 2003013002 ; serial
>                                 180      ; refresh (3 mins)
>                                 120       ; retry (2 mins)
>                                 777600     ; expire (1 week 2 days) 180 
     ; minimum (2 mins)
>                                 )
> $TTL 180        ; 3 minutes
>                         NS
>                         NS
>                         A
>                         MX      10
> ftp                     A
> mail                    A
> www                     CNAME
> Nima

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