Zone file transfer problem

Jim Reid jim at
Sun Dec 12 11:13:36 UTC 2004

>>>>> "Rakesh" == Rakesh Man Karmacharya <rakeshman at> writes:

    Rakesh> We are trying to transfer zone file of .

    Rakesh> Will you please tell me why its not transferring zone file

It's impossible to answer that from the information you provided. The
two name servers for are both answering authoritatively
with the same SOA record. So the zone seems to be OK. Though is saying the SOA record has a 0 TTL, which is odd.

You should realise that sending a NOTIFY does not necessarily mean
that a zone transfer follows immediately. For one thing, the receiving
server might not support NOTIFY. The server that gets the NOTIFY may
be busy doing other things and may have to defer NOTIFY processing. Or
it could have too many active zone transfers to start another one,
etc, etc. A NOTIFY is just a way for a name server to tell other
servers that the zone might have changed. What those servers choose to
do with those NOTIFY messages is up to them.

Other things to check for are the obvious reasons why zone transfers
don't work: connectivity issues, non-authoritative servers and so on.
Check too that the SOA serial number got updated on the master server.

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