libbind / FD_SETSIZE question (on Windows)

Danny Mayer mayer at
Fri Dec 17 01:08:11 UTC 2004

At 05:37 AM 12/16/2004, Stefan Puiu wrote:
>Hello Danny and thanks for replying,
>you pretty much confirmed our fears. I guess the only available workaround 
>is to fix the libbind code (the INVALID_SOCKET and highestFD issues being 
>on top of the list - I guess that would be enough in order to get rid of 
>the ENOTSOCK errno). Who can I send libbind patches to :)?

bind-bugs at

I totally rewrote the Windows socket code in BIND 9 (from the Unix version)
so it has none of the problems that the BIND 8 code has. Unfortunately
libbind is not part of that and the version of libbind that is in BIND 9 is
the same as whatever is the latest parallel version of BIND 8.

Redesigning the socket code that's in libbind is a major undertaking.


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