dhcp & bind configuration problems...

user at domain.invalid user at domain.invalid
Fri Dec 17 18:20:27 UTC 2004


i have some difficulties setting up dhcp and bind for my network. in 
more details:
One of my computers acts as a dhcp, tftp and dns (bind 9) server in 
order to provide a basic system for diskless clients.
Those diskless stations boot via PXE (pxegrub). They load linux 2.6.8 
kernel with "ip=dhcp" as a parameter.
dhcpd.conf as both domain-name and domain-name-servers statements.
I want no hardcoded dns server address (i mean, no /etc/resolv.conf) on 
the diskless so I thought those statements would "auto-configure" my 
diskless stations.
apparently, this didn't work :(
On the diskless stations, dmesg gives me:
the device, the adress, the mask, the gateway, the domain, the 
nis_domain, the bootserver, the rootserver... but no domain server! how 
Does anyone have any clue?



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