BIND9.3.0 Performance Enhancements - Regarding

Anbuchezhiyan M amuthusamy at
Fri Dec 17 06:53:25 UTC 2004

I am Anbu working for Metasolv Inc.. In our OSS product we are currently implementing BIND 9.2.3 for the DNS service and we are planning to upgrade it to BIND9.3.0. In this connection, we would like to know if any performance test or bench marking has been done with BIND9.3.0. 
If so, please share the results of the same to us.  Also, it would be of great help to us if you could send or share any info regarding the performance enhancement features that are introduced in BIND9.3.0.  

Please send the requested info or please let us know the web sites or links from which we can get these info.

Thanks in advance.

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