BIND9.3.0 installation

Kelly webmaster at
Sat Dec 18 17:19:20 UTC 2004

Hey Guys,

I have upgraded my server and I have also went with a new OS for the 
server.  I am running Solaris 9 having previously used Mandrake 9.1.  I 
am working on the new server and still have the old box running.  My 
problem is I am trying to install BIND 9.3 on the new Solaris 9 server.  
I am running BIND 9.2.2 on the old Mandrake box.  I am having a problem 
with the install right from the start.  I have downloaded the src and 
unpacked it.  It is now in a directory called BIND9.3.0.  I cd into the 
directory and enter ./configure.

It works until it says:  'checking for AR... no'

Configure:  error:
ar program not found.  Please fix your PATH to the directory in which it 
resides.  Or set AR in the environment with the full path to ar.

I have no idea what 'ar' is.  Anyone have any help for me?


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