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Mon Dec 20 06:55:20 UTC 2004

Eswari <eswaris at mos.com.np> wrote:
>> Rakesh Man Karmacharya <rakeshman at mos.com.np> wrote:
>> > Hi Everyone
>> >  Recently i installed bind 9.3 as our DNS server .Every things are
> working
>> > fine but some times it does not resolve few sites to up come from th=
>> > problem we have to flush rndc . And  I think this is not the proper =
> to
>> > solve this problem .Is there any alternative way to solve this probl=
>> > Thanks in Advance
>> > Rakesh Man Karmacharya

> Peter wrote :

>> Which sites gives problems ? Chances are that those sites does
>> somthing wrong.
> if the problem in sites the how come it could resolve by other DNS and =
> browse from other network.This confirms the problem in our DNS ie. bind=
> We have many clients which use our DNS and whenever they have problem ,=
> have to flush rndc and after sometimes it stops resolving the same doma=
> Everytime we have to flush and this doesnt seems to be comfortable at o=
> end as well as too problematic for our clients.
> Is there any best way to solve this issue in bind 9.3 .
> Any help to solve this problem is highly appreciated.

Again. Which sites???  ( older bind allows some things that is incorrect,
that's why bind version may cause problems)

> kind regards,
> eswari

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