BIND9.3.0 installation

Jim Reid jim at
Mon Dec 20 16:47:46 UTC 2004

>>>>> "David" == David Botham <DBotham at> writes:

    David> I am no expert in the realm of compiling, but, the README
    David> file in the root of the src directory says this:

    >> Building with gcc is not supported, unless gcc is the vendor's
    >> usual compiler (e.g. the various BSD systems, Linux).

    David> Does this statement have anything to do with your problems?

No. The OP's problem seems to be trying to compile BIND without having
gcc and the other compilation tools (ar, ld, as, etc) installed. Or
these are installed somewhere that configure can't find them and isn't
in the OP's search path.

BIND9 gets built and developed using the vendor-supplied compiler. So
that's the default. Other compilers can be used: like gcc on Solaris.
However these combinations are not supported. That's not because BIND9
can't be built with a third-party compiler. It just introduces too
many extra variables and unknowns for ISC to support. BIND9 should
compile and run perfectly well with a reasonably complete and up to
date gcc installation. The OP doesn't appear to have this.

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