9.3.0 high CPU usage at idle on W2k3?

Peter E. Fry pfry at swbell.net
Mon Dec 20 06:59:30 UTC 2004

I've looked around, haven't seen anything quite like this.  And I
don't recall seeing this on Win2k with 9.2.3 -- very similar setup.  I
have a basically bare config -- one forward zone thrown in, with the
loopback inverse zone -- no errors, but after a bit of run time (an hour
or two) named starts sucking down 25-30% CPU for no apparent reason.  I
shut off notify, just in case -- no effect.  I have logging set at
"info" -- nothing logged (after start).
  Suggestions?  I've had some fun (oh, yeah) securing the system -- it's
probably locked down a bit tighter than the default.  I can think of a
few services that might gag, but BIND isn't one of them.

Peter E. Fry

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