Solved? Bug? Re: 9.3.0 high CPU usage at idle on W2k3?

Peter E. Fry pfry-lists at
Tue Dec 21 03:34:10 UTC 2004

On 20 Dec 2004 at 6:59, Peter E. Fry wrote:

> I've looked around, haven't seen anything quite like this.  And I
> don't recall seeing this on Win2k with 9.2.3 -- very similar setup.  I
> have a basically bare config -- one forward zone thrown in, with the
> loopback inverse zone -- no errors, but after a bit of run time (an
> hour or two) named starts sucking down 25-30% CPU for no apparent
> reason. [...]

  [I trimmed the config to nothing -- no zones, just a log and 
caching for the local subnet.  It's behind a firewall, so it's 
completely idle.  I fired it up with "-f -d 3 -u <userid>".  I'll do 
it again just for the heck of it, but it appears to spike at one 
hour, following "database: debug 1: cache cleaning timer fired, 
cleaner state = 0".  A small set of log lines repeats hourly (I can 
post them if it'll help), as there is (deliberately) no activity...]
  Bah!  What am I, helpless?  While I was waiting, I read the manual, 
and adjusted the intervals in a short stagger.  The "interface-
interval" (which logged nothing, even at debug 3) was the culprit, 
which is good -- I can kill it.  I did, and I'll post again in a few 
minutes if that's really it.  Hmmm...  Come to think of it, I'll let 
it go for a few hours.
  Hey, I got a reasonable test of my thermal solution, without having 
to install Prime95...
  Comments?  I can possibly help with it, but I don't want to thrash 
my server -- I need to get it into production one of these days.

Peter E. Fry

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