FYI: Mac OS X, Safari (et al), and DNS timeouts

Jim Reid jim at
Wed Dec 22 14:27:50 UTC 2004

>>>>> "Simon" == Simon Hobson <shobson0309 at> writes:

    Simon> A couple of weeks ago I set up an internal DNS server (BIND
    Simon> on a Linux box) on my little home network, and then I
    Simon> started getting "this site could not be reached" type
    Simon> errors from Safari - you know, the ones where it almost
    Simon> always works second time around. After a bit of packet
    Simon> sniffing, and googling it seems that this is a known
    Simon> problem engineered into OS X by Apple !

This does not occur in the current release of MacOSX. Apple even
mentioned in the update to 10.3.7 that the release fixed this
problem. Upgrade. FWIW, the problem seems to have been in Apple's
resolver library (or equivalent), not Safari. Other browsers had
similar behaviour until the OS was updated.

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