administering 1,000 zone files

Mariano Cunietti mcunietti at
Thu Dec 30 11:47:35 UTC 2004

I work for an italian ISP and I manage two Bind 9.2.1 servers whhich
serves 1,000 zones. Currently we use a master and a slave bind 9.2.1. A
simple perl script adds new zone statements to the master named.conf
(locally) and to the slave one (mounted via NFS, shame on me). Zone
files are obviously transfered via bind features.

Considering security issues I think there should be another way to do
that. What I'm actually looking for is a way to synchronize named.conf
on both servers: each time I add a new zone to the master, I want the
correspondig slave statement to be created on the slave server.

This could be accomplished through a (perl?) script, maybe using a
shared SQL database which is populated via web.

My questions are:
a) can you suggest me such a tool to perform these tasks?
b) does bind 9 support such a built-in feature (automatic sync of
master->slave named.conf)?



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