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Thu Dec 30 13:22:22 UTC 2004

Mariano Cunietti <mcunietti at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I work for an italian ISP and I manage two Bind 9.2.1 servers whhich
> serves 1,000 zones. Currently we use a master and a slave bind 9.2.1. A
> simple perl script adds new zone statements to the master named.conf
> (locally) and to the slave one (mounted via NFS, shame on me). Zone
> files are obviously transfered via bind features.

> Considering security issues I think there should be another way to do
> that. What I'm actually looking for is a way to synchronize named.conf
> on both servers: each time I add a new zone to the master, I want the
> correspondig slave statement to be created on the slave server.

> This could be accomplished through a (perl?) script, maybe using a
> shared SQL database which is populated via web.

> My questions are:
> a) can you suggest me such a tool to perform these tasks?

perl + ssh / rsync to distribute the resulting file. A few 
hours of work si all you need.

Also look into using a "hidden" master , it will simplify things 
whenever you encounter an error during reload of your master.

> b) does bind 9 support such a built-in feature (automatic sync of
> master->slave named.conf)?


> Mariano

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