Bind 9.2.2-P3 resolver problems.

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Thu Jan 1 19:13:31 UTC 2004

Brath, Shane <shane.brath at> wrote:

> Question,

> 	I am seeing more problems with basic resolution on some of my=20
> 	bind servers that are used by my email servers.

> 	Every few days they stop answering requests, yet the server is
> active in=20
> 	memory and using like 400M ram. I have the=20
> 		cache-size limited to 300M=20
> 	and there are about 9000 domains,=20
> 	recursive-clients =3D 10000 ( probably my problem it's to big ).=20
> 	So I have some funky out of memory problem that
> 	I am causing because I have some limit set to low? Or I am wasting
> it all with recursive-clients?

> Ideas?

If your nameserver grows to fill all your available memory your
only option is to buy more memory.

( well, you -could_ get away with some versions of bind, but
why should you ? Everything named saves in core is useful data
that is stored in cache )

See it like this, you cannot spend a single hour tuning
your named for less money then a proper amount of memory costs)

> Shane.

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        IPSec  Sverige      ( At Gothenburg Riverside )
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