claims my MX records are invalid.

Wayne Hahn wayne at
Fri Jan 2 03:42:57 UTC 2004

Hi All,

I hope someone could take a moment and look at my dns. I am unable to email
to or any of there domains. When I called and finally got a
hold of someone in there NOC after 10 days. They told me the reason they are
rejecting my mail is because I have invalid MX or A records. Here is a snip
of my DNS records if someone sees what the problem is please tell me because
I don't have a problem emailing anyone else. I know I have two a records for but I don't think that should break my MX records. I also
noticed when I ran tcpdump when trouble shooting that I would get a (admin
prohibited filter) message after I sent a reply message to there DNS server
for the MX request message not sure if this is related but it seemed

$TTL 86400
@       IN      SOA (
                        86400 )
                        IN      NS    
                        IN      NS    
                        IN      MX      10
                        IN      MX      20
localhost               IN      A     
@                       IN      A     
author                  IN      A     
mail                    IN      A     
                        IN      MX      10
smtp1                   IN      A     
www                     IN      A     
dns3                    IN      A     
dns1                    IN      A     
gate                    IN      A     
dns2                    IN      A     
smtp2                   IN      A     

20:44:57.733982 > [udp sum ok]  7564 [1au] MX? (41)
(DF) (ttl 39, id 0, len 69)
20:44:57.734102 >  7564*- 2/2/5 MX 20, (187) (ttl 64, id 23920, len 215)
20:44:57.734473 > icmp: host unreachable - admin prohibited filter (ttl
255, id 27540, len 56)

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