DNS/NS Problems

Krhis programthis at msn.com
Fri Jan 2 20:57:17 UTC 2004

Computer OS: WinXP Pro (I do plain on changing this)
Name Server Software: Simple DNS Plus (v3.50)
Web Server Software: Apache
DNS Server: My ISP ^^

How I setup Simple DNS Plus;
Records > Quick...
Domain Name: myweb.org
Web Server IP: 216.150.xxx.xxx
Mail Server IP: 216.150.xxx.xxx
FTP Server IP: 216.150.xxx.xxx
Clicked Ok > Now www.myweb.org, ftp.myweb.org, and mail.myweb.org,
points to IP, etc...

I used my ISP's Web Based Administration to change the DNS Settings:

Under the Name Server tab, had to go to "If you want to create or
modify a nameserver which is based on myweb.org click here." I was
then directed to a page that I could set ns1.myweb.org and direct it
to my Name Server's IP address. After that I went back to the Name
Server tab and created a Name Server address called ns1.myweb.org.

After all of this, I went to www.whois.net and did a Whois Lookup on
myweb.org. The very last line says "Name Server:NS1.MYWEB.ORG".

So I enabled the proxy settings on my Mozilla Web Browser and directed
to www.myweb.org . No luck. Not even a hit on the Performance Graph on
Simple DNS Plus.

I disabled my Firewall and placed my Computer in the DMZ of my Router
but still can't get it to work.
The funny part is, all I plain on running is a Website, if I go to my
ISP's Web Based Administration and have www.myweb.org point to
and then add www.myweb.org as a Name Server, it works just fine ^^!
Small trick, but should I use it?

Thank you for any help, and to clear up some questions; myweb.org is
just an example and all of this is being done on the same computer.

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