DNS/NS Problems

Jeff Lasman blists at nobaloney.net
Tue Jan 6 14:56:03 UTC 2004

On Friday 02 January 2004 12:57 pm, Krhis wrote:

> Computer OS: WinXP Pro (I do plain on changing this)
> Name Server Software: Simple DNS Plus (v3.50)

What part of "comp-protocols-dns-bind is a forum for bind users" did you 
not understand, Krhis?

Since you're not giving us real world information we can look up, I 
can't even begin to guess where you should ask for help first, but if 
it's your ISP using Simple DNS Plus, then you should probably start by 
asking your ISP.  If it's you using Simple DNS Plus then you should 
find a support group for it.

(Start by realizing that looking at a "Performance Graph" is no 
replacement for seeing real, live, log files, in real time.)

What you didn't make clear is what server ns1.myweb.org is really 
looking for, and since you didn't really mean myweb.org, no one can 
help you, not even if you find the right forum.

Id say you should perhaps figure out who to ask, and give them enough 
information to help you.

And if it's you running (or wanting to run) a nameserver, note that you 
can run bind on WinXP Pro; there's no need to presume all of us here 
are unix/linux centric, or to apologize for using Windows.  But we 
really can't help you with any other nameservers but Bind.

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