DNS/NS Problems

Danny Mayer mayer at gis.net
Tue Jan 6 15:37:23 UTC 2004

programthis at msn.com (Krhis) wrote in message news:<btca4c$1ced$1 at sf1.isc.org>...
> Computer OS: WinXP Pro (I do plain on changing this)
> Name Server Software: Simple DNS Plus (v3.50)
> Web Server Software: Apache
> DNS Server: My ISP ^^
> How I setup Simple DNS Plus;
> Records > Quick...
> Domain Name: myweb.org
> Web Server IP: 216.150.xxx.xxx
> Mail Server IP: 216.150.xxx.xxx
> FTP Server IP: 216.150.xxx.xxx
> Clicked Ok > Now www.myweb.org, ftp.myweb.org, and mail.myweb.org,
> points to IP, etc...
> I used my ISP's Web Based Administration to change the DNS Settings:
> Under the Name Server tab, had to go to "If you want to create or
> modify a nameserver which is based on myweb.org click here." I was
> then directed to a page that I could set ns1.myweb.org and direct it
> to my Name Server's IP address. After that I went back to the Name
> Server tab and created a Name Server address called ns1.myweb.org.
> After all of this, I went to www.whois.net and did a Whois Lookup on
> myweb.org. The very last line says "Name Server:NS1.MYWEB.ORG".
> So I enabled the proxy settings on my Mozilla Web Browser and directed
> to www.myweb.org . No luck. Not even a hit on the Performance Graph on
> Simple DNS Plus.
> I disabled my Firewall and placed my Computer in the DMZ of my Router
> but still can't get it to work.
> --
> The funny part is, all I plain on running is a Website, if I go to my
> ISP's Web Based Administration and have www.myweb.org point to
> 216.150.xxx.xxx
> and then add www.myweb.org as a Name Server, it works just fine ^^!
> Small trick, but should I use it?
> Thank you for any help, and to clear up some questions; myweb.org is
> just an example and all of this is being done on the same computer.

This is the wrong forum to ask. You need to contact your ISP if you have
questions about their DNS servers and setup.


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