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It looks like you need to put a line in your dhclient.conf file on your
Linux machine.  Dhclient will not automatically register with DNS unless
you tell it to after it obtains an address.  Mine looks like this to
register with a DDNS server (Windows 2000 DNS) successfully:

zone DOMAIN.COM. {

prepend domain-name-servers;
supersede domain-name "domain.com";
send fqdn.fqdn "yourhost.domain.com.";
send fqdn.encoded off;
send fqdn.server-update off;

Make sure you don't forget the trailing "dot" on the send fqdn.fqdn


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Dynamic update fails for linux host(s), but works properly for all
Windoze hosts.

DDNS Server: BIND 9 - only allows the Active Directory domain
controller and DHCP server to update the zone.

DHCP Server: ISC DHCP 3 - configured to update A and PTR records for
all hosts.

The linux clients are receiving addresses and DHCP options properly,
but are not being updated dynamically in DNS.

I did RTFM, and have performed Google searches, but have had no
success.  TIA for all help.

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