Bind9 and Novell compatibility?

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NETWARE!?!??!?! Ahhh.  I would stick to running the NAMED.NLM that comes
with Netware.  The NDS tree will be a lot happier, especially if you are
running in an all-IP environment.

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I have a customer using a Novell NetWare 6 server to host some domain
And it seems that if I flush the cache on my bind9 boxes it loads up the
domain for the first time fine. But when the domain refreshes a day
later is
most likely fails with NXDOMAIN.

The 2 nameservers running it are using some named process on Novell?
never seen this.
Here are the date and filesize info on that server on Novell.

02/12/2003  03:19a             243,975                 NAMED.NLM

Anyone know what software this is derived from?
Is it stable? Good?

Can I run BIND9 on NetWare?

Any suggestions would be great.

Shane Brath
TDS Internet Services

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