$INCLUDE statement bind 9.2.2 OSX server

jeff donovan jdonovan at beth.k12.pa.us
Tue Jan 6 16:09:16 UTC 2004


I am setting up an internal dns server using osx server 10.3.x and bind 

I am having problems getting bind to read several forward files I have 
in an INCLUDE statement.


$INCLUDE	subdir/NOC1.db
$INCLUDE	subdir/NOC2.db
$INCLUDE	subdir/NOC3.db

this worked fine under bind 8. I even put in the full path
$INCLUDE	/var/named/subdir/NOC1.db

if i take the entry's out and place them in the forward.db file it 
does bind 9 handle these statements differently than bind 8? or could 
this just be an osx thing?



jeff donovan
basd network operations
(610) 807 5571 x4
AIM  xtdonovan

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