$INCLUDE statement bind 9.2.2 OSX server

jeff donovan jdonovan at beth.k12.pa.us
Wed Jan 7 01:11:03 UTC 2004

forgive my ignorance. i was a bit hastey in my post. the logs told the 
whole story.
there was a typo.
On Jan 6, 2004, at 11:22 AM, Jim Reid wrote:

>>>>>> "jeff" == jeff donovan <jdonovan at beth.k12.pa.us> writes:
>     jeff> I am setting up an internal dns server using osx server
>     jeff> 10.3.x and bind 9.2.2
> The current release of BIND9 is 9.2.3.
>     jeff> if i take the entry's out and place them in the forward.db
>     jeff> file it works.  does bind 9 handle these statements
>     jeff> differently than bind 8? or could this just be an osx thing?
> No. Whatever is wrong will be explained in the name server's logs. But
> you didn't bother to include them in your posting and don't appear to
> have looked at them either. You probably have been using broken zone
> files that BIND8 tolerated and BIND9 doesn't. Consult the BIND9
> migration notes. Checking the zone files might be a good idea. [So is
> getting rid of all this $INCLUDE crap.] Hint: named-checkzone is your
> friend.

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