Rebooting stops resolving for a while 2nd

Gary Mayor gary at
Tue Jan 6 22:04:01 UTC 2004

Jeff Lasman wrote:
> On Tuesday 06 January 2004 09:58 am, Gary Mayor wrote:
>>Basically nothing works from from home computer after I reboot the
>>server but I seem to be able to access the server from elsewhere
>>after a reboot so what on earth is going on here.
> Your "home computer", or your own router or the ISP you use, is caching 
> old information for a while.
> While the "while" your ISP uses should be defined by your ttl (in your 
> case defined as 10 hours and 24 minutes), some ISPs have been known to 
> ignore the defined TTL and cache for whatever metric they like.
> Your own router (if any) may or may not be using TTL; it should be.
> Your "home computer" software is probably caching old information until 
> you shutdown the program and restart it; in some cases until you reboot 
> the computer.
> Jeff

Thanks for that. 10 hours 24 minutes sounds about right so if I lower 
the TTL it will refresh quicker. Why is it that when I reboot the server 
  my home computer can't use the same caching information as it did 
before. Does it change or something. I'm using a ipcop box as my gateway 
to the net at home i'm not sure what to do. The TTL thing only needs 
updating when things change in the zone file right or wrong. People 
always recomend that TTL so shall I lower the TTL time.



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