DNS resolving without zone/domain information ?

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The client will use the default DNS name set for that machine.  If no
domain name, it will not append anything during the query.


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I do have a network runnig several (LINUX, SOLARIS)

On each of the PCs I created the /etc/hosts file. In
this file every PC is referenced via IP address and a
SIMPLE name.

example :       localhost       linux1       linux2      apps1      apps2

This means that if I type  :
ping linux1
linux1 will be resolved via the hostfile into

This works OK, but problem is if want to add new
machines, I need to adapt hosts file on every machine
in the network

My question is : Can Bind be used in a way that if I
type :

ping linux1,=20

the BIND server will resolve linux1 ? (of course
/etc/hosts files will be emptied)

I know that bind and DNS works with zones/domains. The
name linux1 however does not contain a domain portion
(.com, .net, ...). So I have doubts that is possible.

If this functionality can be achieved, how can this be
configured ?
If not, is there any other "DNS server" who could do
the job ?

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