DNS resolving without zone/domain information ?

Ryan Moore rmoore at rmoore.dyndns.org
Wed Jan 7 17:27:32 UTC 2004

I did this at home by creating a fake top-level domain called 'local.'.
And I made my linux box be primary for this fake top level domain.  When
any machine DHCPs on my network, it is told it is part of the 'local'

Then you need a zone file that defines:

linux1.local.	IN 	A
linux2.local.	IN	A


You can even make your name server be primary for


and do reverse translation as well.

On Wed, 7 Jan 2004, Raemaekers Mark wrote:
> I do have a network runnig several (LINUX, SOLARIS)
> machines.
> On each of the PCs I created the /etc/hosts file. In
> this file every PC is referenced via IP address and a
> SIMPLE name.
> example :
>       localhost
>       linux1
>       linux2
>      apps1
>      apps2
>   ...
> This means that if I type  :
> ping linux1
> linux1 will be resolved via the hostfile into
> This works OK, but problem is if want to add new
> machines, I need to adapt hosts file on every machine
> in the network
> My question is : Can Bind be used in a way that if I
> type :
> ping linux1,
> the BIND server will resolve linux1 ? (of course
> /etc/hosts files will be emptied)
> I know that bind and DNS works with zones/domains. The
> name linux1 however does not contain a domain portion
> (.com, .net, ...). So I have doubts that is possible.
> If this functionality can be achieved, how can this be
> configured ?
> If not, is there any other "DNS server" who could do
> the job ?

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