delegation with multiple NS including localhost

Stephane Bortzmeyer bortzmeyer at
Thu Jan 8 11:16:11 UTC 2004

On Thu, Jan 08, 2004 at 11:59:32AM +0100,
 Sylvain Bertrand <Sylvain.Bertrand at> wrote 
 a message of 36 lines which said:

> My /var/named/ (on would look like this:
> #------- CUT HERE -------
> foo          NS
>   A 
        Cut this one

> foo          NS
> #------- CUT HERE -------
> As you can see, I've delegated foo to both and 
>, which is localhost.

No problem., master of ".fr", does delegate to
> I've seen on this ML's archives that bind would choose the fastest of 
> the two NS records for foo, and forward the request.

Not *your* BIND. The BIND of a remote site, trying to use 

If *your* BIND is both the authoritative server for and a
cache/forwarder for local clients, it will not even try to find the
fastest server: it has the data, it replies.

> I know it seems a little bit odd to delegate to yourself, 

Not at all.

> (by typing "host -l") this case on a server which delegation to a
> subzone doesn't work well, and I was wondering if these kind of
> records could lead to errors of type 3 (NXDOMAIN), which occur from
> time to time on this server.

Give the name of the culprit and we'll see.

PS: is delegated by us to and
but the primary, has a different list, much
longer. You should ask your registrar to update the ".fr" delegation.

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