error: refresh_callback please help!

André Höpner andre at
Fri Jan 9 20:50:50 UTC 2004

hi all here,

got the error in subject and dont know how to do to fix it. google has not
much results
and the bind administrators guide doesnt know this words...

- two nameservers (bind 9.1.3 both)
- server1 is master and server2 should be slave
- server1 allows zonetransfers to server2 (ip of server2 is allowed to
- server2 can do a "host -l" to server1 (i think zonetransfer
should work)

the logfile of server1 is ok. no errors about failed transfers
the logfile of server2 shows me the following for this domain and all other
slave zones

general: refresh_callback: zone failure for
111.222.333.444#53 timed out
general: refresh_callback: zone 111.222.333.444#53 retries

this happens all 20 - 30 seconds. someone told thats a sign for a network
error, but i cant
believe this because server1 is reachable withaut any problems for more than
2 years...

please help! what could i try?
nice greetings

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