best way to change IPs

Genco YILMAZ gyilmaz at
Mon Jan 12 05:37:18 UTC 2004

Hi Terry,
there is a method preferred in RFCs. I think RFC 1034 says that,
before the record change is made ,  decrease TTL amount to a value
tolerable for you and for the name daemon (I think there are some limits
in TTL values which may be regarded as unacceptable . If I am wrong pls 
correct me)  After you make your changes on records you can bring your 
TTL amounts to their original values.
This way, in the period of change, other name servers will have to ask 
your new records
after your new small TTL value expired.

I hope this helps.

Terry Antonio wrote:

>About every year or 2 we change wholesalers and have to update our IP
>range (1 class c)
>Inevitably there is a period where sites dont work and mail disappears -
>this year I would like to minimize the problems.
>I have had a search of the archives and came up with this
>As long as you're comfortable running without a secondary server for the
>amount of time it takes to update and move the server to the new ip
>address, you shouldn't have to go about registering a new server.  As long
>as all the domains use the same name ( as their name
>server, all you have to do is change the ip of at the
>registrar, and change the ip in the zone of
>So is this the recommended procedure i.e. change the secondary name server
>(NS2) to the new IP range at the register and change the records on that
>server to reflect the change while leaving the primary server with the old
>range and records for a few days. Then change the IP of NS1 at the
>register and change the records on NS1 to reflect the change.
>Is there nothing to do to NS1 during the changeover period?
>Seems to simple.
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