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Jeff Lasman blists at
Wed Jan 14 03:49:35 UTC 2004

On Tuesday 13 January 2004 02:19 pm, Mark_Andrews at wrote:

> % dig9 -x +short
> % dig9 +short
> %
> 	The reverse and forward records do not match.
> 	If you start with the IP address.  Lookup the PTR to get a
> 	name.  Look up the addresses of that name.  If the original
> 	address in not is the set of addresses returned in the final
> 	lookup there is a mis-match.
> 	Some sites refuse to accept mail from IP addresses where
> 	the above test fails in the mistaken belief that it stops
> 	spam.
> 	All it really indicates is a inconsistancy in the DNS.

Thanks very much, Mark.  I've passed your very understandable 
explanation to the gent responsible for our Tustin, Calif., reverse 
DNS.  Either he'll fix it or admit he can't and I'll be doing some 
comparative studies of the right way and the wrong way.  (Our guy at 
the Texas data center does it right, at least as our digs show.)

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