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Jeff Lasman blists at
Thu Jan 15 19:26:57 UTC 2004

The frist time I responded only to Mark <frown>, so now I'm responding 
to the list.  Sorry, Mark.

On Tuesday 13 January 2004 02:19 pm, Mark_Andrews at wrote:

> 	The reverse and forward records do not match.

We're getting reverse DNS from our (small) connection provider.  They 
run all their DNS on a Cobalt RaQ2 server running bind 8.2.3.  It's 
unlikely they can update this, at least not in the short term <frown>.

They don't know how to fix this, so I'm hoping someone here will.

Here's a segment from their zone file (with the first two lines on one 

@ IN SOA ( 2004011414 10800 3600 
604800 86400 )
155     in      ptr
200     in      ptr
201     in      ptr

The relevant contents of the /etc/named.conf file (on one line) are as 

zone "128/" { type master; file 
"pri.128-"; };

As I understand it (and my understanding may very well be faulty) they 
have to name it that way, because otherwise they can't get the 
delegation from _their-  parent.

And as I also understand it, any manual changes they'd make (i.e., 
$ORIGIN) to the zone file would get overwritten by the RaQ's automatic 
DNS handling.

Am I between a rock and a hard place here?  If so, perhaps I can get 
them to delegate it to me, I handle DNS manually.

The machine in question has 19 non-contiguous IP#s and is NOT on a 
subnet; is there a way for them to delegate individual IP#s to me for 
reverse DNS?  Or should I just offer to do all their reverse DNS for 
them (I'm willing if it'll solve the problem, which I'm sure some of 
their clients must be having as well).

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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