situation normal - all fucked up was: Re: BIND 8.4.3 pulled

Stefan Schmidt at
Thu Jan 15 16:38:17 UTC 2004

This Mailinglist-Software seems to silently eat up mails bounced to the list
so here goes my previous posting:

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Subject: situation normal - all fucked up was: Re: BIND 8.4.3 pulled

On Thu, Dec 11, 2003 at 11:42:05AM +0200, Osmo Laitinen wrote:
> > BIND 8.4.4 will be available soon as a replacement.
> > If you have downloaded a copy of BIND 8.4.3, do not use it in a 
> > production environment.
> Do you recommend that Bind 8.4.3 should be removed from production?
> I've got a few of those up and running and things seems to be ok:
> they answer to queries and load is ok.
> Is there any other issues?
I ran Bind 8.4.3 in an prductions environment compiled _without_ IPv6 Support
on a dualstack Linux 2.6 kernel since it was released and i do not see any
other problems. It even runs smoother, faster and is using half the CPU power
the bind9.2.3, i run behind the same round-robin load-balancer, does.
Since there is no sign of 8.4.4 for over a month now i am going to 'downgrade'
another bind9 machine which is running at its limits with bind9 to bind8.4.3
to smoothen things.
Dear ISC: If you would vote against this then _say_ something, for it is due
to the catastrophic lack of information you're giving to this list that i am
doing this.

	Stefan Schmidt

PS: no, i am not going to pay for it!

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