Forward zone not working

Jeff Stevens jstevens at
Thu Jan 15 18:06:52 UTC 2004

I have a forward zone like this, but queries to the do not 
work going thru this forward zone (get a SERVFAIL).  If I allow roots in 
the server, then it works, but then I know it is not going thru the 
forward zone.  I'm not sure what to look at for the failure, since I can 
use dig directly to the server just fine.

Any suggestions on what to check?

options {
	notify yes;
	recursion yes;
	forward first;
	forwarders {
	check-names master fail;
	check-names slave warn;
	check-names response ignore;
	allow-query {
	listen-on {

zone	"" {
	type forward;
	forward only;
	forwarders {;
	check-names ignore;

Jeffrey Stevens

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