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kaeden5 chuck at
Thu Jan 15 07:11:51 UTC 2004

is  there a way to determine virtual hosts on a machine
through apache?

i noticed that you can do a zonetransfer to a domain to
get a list of machines but that isnt helpful for determining
lists of web sites
"John Smith" <someone at> wrote in message
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> Thanks for the answer Pete!
> The problem I'm running into is that emails to the DNS admins usually
> gets there. As an example, the DNS admin for the Road Runner network is
> abuse at As you can imagine once you send an email you end up a tech
> support rep that doesn't know how to get you through to the person - and
> usually doesn't know what DNS is :-(
> I compile a list of server names for each ISP and list them on my site.
> reason for this is mainly so that people can install routers and have the
> FQDN as opposed to the single machine name which doesn't resolve behind
> routers.
> Up to this point I've been manually researching the networks and
> the naming conventions and server names which is very difficult and time
> consuming when you consider that many of these ISP's have at least 500,000
> IP addresses and in most cases, more!
> -- 
> Best Regards;
> Marvin Miller
> "Pete Ehlke" <pde at> wrote in message
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> > On Wed, Dec 03, 2003 at 05:56:29AM +0000, John Smith wrote:
> > > Hi;
> > >
> > > Is there any way to get a complete list of records from a remote DNS
> server?
> > > I've tried nslookup and it fails due to the server not wanting to list
> > > everything.
> > >
> > > I really need a complete list of records from various DNS servers - is
> there
> > > anyway to do this? It would save me weeks of arduous work!
> > >
> > Sure.
> >
> > Contact the people who administer the remote DNS server and ask them for
> > the data. If the remote server does not allow axfr, or you do not have a
> > list of the zones on the server, this is the only way.
> >
> > -Pete
> >

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