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> Im a dns and bind newbie, so on advice, i bought a copy of dns and bind by
> o'reilly. i want to set up the required number of nameservers to transfer my
> domains to, but ive a few quick questions that the book didnt clarify for
> me.
> 1) Can i set up a slave nameserver on the same machine on a different IP.
> ive a main ip and 9 others at my disposal on one dedicated server. i ask
> this as most domain registries ask you to transfer dns to at least 2
> nameservers.

You can do this by running multiple named processes (using the 
"listen-on", "query-source", and "transfer-source" options), but why 
bother?  Just run one named process that listens on both addresses.

Of course, I'm sure you realize you're not getting any significant 
redundancy with this setup.  The reason most registries require at least 
2 nameservers is to ensure that you have failover.

> 2) as the book is common, i assume a lot of people here read it. in the
> example, are they setting up as THE nameserver or on the
> nameserver? is the name of the domain that's being hosted on the 

> 3) the bind on my box is already set up for caching only.
> /etc/resolv.conf has 2 lines already, nameserver and nameserver
> do i need to modify this file to set up the nameserver

named doesn't use this file, it's used only by the resolver library.  
You should put the address of your machine in the first "nameserver" 

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