What's the RIGHT way to set up two zones?

Mark Tranchant mark at tranchant.plus.com
Wed Jan 21 16:12:42 UTC 2004

Barry Margolin wrote:
> In article <brvgvr$27pe$1 at sf1.isc.org>,
>  mark at tranchant.plus.com (Mark Tranchant) wrote:
>>I'm currently running BIND 9 as a hidden master, providing a feed for
>>several secondary servers. My real hostname (as in the one that you
>>get on a reverse lookup of my IP) is tranchant.plus.com, and I'm
>>hosting two domains:


> What makes you think something is missing?  If you're having a problem, 
> you never said what it is.

I didn't *appear* to have one, but my setup didn't follow bits of the 

I've since learnt a bit more, and have a most satisfactory setup using 
BIND's views to give different LAN/WAN zone files. If you can see 
anything wrong with the setup of billericaybaptist.net now, please let 
me know.

Many thanks for the help this newsgroup has given me.


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